Columbia Basin Veteran Coalition

The Columbia Basin Veterans’ Coalition provides services to aid transitional veterans in assimilating back into the civilian environment.  “Transitional Veterans’” are defined as those veterans entering the civilian environment after completion of active duty or release from the reserves or National Guard.  The needs of a combat veteran generally exceed those veterans that did not see duty outside  the United States, however, we provide services to all qualified veterans.

Numerous benefit and educational programs provided by Federal, State and Local Governments are available to Veterans who have served this Nation.  In addition, veteran service organizations provide management of some government funds for a few programs.  Many of these existing programs are either under-used or misused in the delivery of the best available help for veterans re-adjusting to civilian life.

Rather than duplicate or replace these existing programs. Columbia Basin Veterans’ Coalition provides the support, guidance and resources to augment and bolster these programs by performing the following:

Columbia Basin Veterans’ Coalition provides intensive one-on-one assistance and coaching to each individual veteran to help him or her re-adjust to civilian life in the most efficient and satisfying way possible.  We take the time to help veterans define their goals and to monitor their progress towards those goals.  This is the most unique and distinctive element of our organization.

We provide communication, advocacy, and intervention to assist the veteran with various agencies and educational institutions for the benefit of the veteran or veterans as a whole.  By so doing, we assist organizations in meeting their service goals.

We provide a public face for veteran readjustment issues and benefits.


Columbia Basin Veteran's Coalition is a DBA of CBVC, Inc. CBVC, Inc. is a Washington Stae  non-profit organization.

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